Day 366: Before the New Year
Since I don’t want the last post to be about food, just like a good chunk of the posts here, I’m posting a selca. This is what I look like right now, minutes away from the new year.
You know, I had a lot of experiences this year that were born from challenges that I never dreamed of. Commuting to provinces was one thing! Firing an assistant, making new friends, getting drunk, learning yoga with Gus, seeing shooting stars… those were all things I didn’t expect. Same goes for the wig-wearing. :))
Looking back, I am a far cry from the person in 2011. I have left some of my comfort zones and became stronger and wiser in the process. So right now, on the eve of 2013, I’m also looking forward to growing and becoming a better person.
Tata, 2012. Hello, 2013. 
(That last line is just plain maarte. HAHAHA.)
Day 364.3: Scrabble with Siblings
Luis quit halfway through. My sister couldn’t find a place where she can put the last A. I won. :D
Day 364.2: DKFCCCC~
Yep, I got my DKFC ticket right there. Whee~ :D
At first, I couldn’t decide whether to get this or not coz my friend is still not sure if she’s going or not. But then again, I’m still debating whether or not I’ll sell this and move further back. Sunny-unnie…T___T
Day 364.1: Ozine Figure Con
This is the cutest duo I ever saw in conventions. Fem!Mcdo and Fem!Jollibee. Lovely~
Yep, I went to a con on my own. I bumped into Vanchan, though. =w=b
This is my food during my last self date from work for 2012. :D
I was looking for bandaids around because my new golden shoes are killing me. I opened Chi’s cabinet and apparently, she left her drugstore there with bandaids.
Thank you, Francine (Chi)~
I’m out and about again, searching for a tent. =3=