Day 66.1: Ahhh, Chocolate

I was going to buy JUST tissue that day because I had a runny nose. I was also terribly sleepy. I needed caffeine of any kind. 

I was staring at the bun and was reminded of Lucky Star. It’s not shaped like a Slowbro’s tail but it did remind me of that episode the girls discussed how to eat the bun. It was cheap too so yeah, one for the basket.

The last two things were sins. I was craving for both. (YanYan’s a given. A photo of a KitKat eaten wrong was on my dash the night before.) I couldn’t decide which one to buy. So there you have it. I haven’t eaten a KitKat in a while, as proven by my Kitkat eating skills. OTL

BTW, I also had fruit with me. Ahhh, gluttony.