Day 139: Working So Early~

We had to leave early for deliveries. I was late so that was a big hurrderp for me. I didn’t get to eat breakfast so I ate it as soon as we stopped in BP Sta Maria. Hello binge eating! I swear I ate a lot today. OTL

BP Sta Maria is one of the branches that are relatively doing well. But of course, we still need to pay attention. The dynamics of the branch staff is normal. (There were issues of fights but yeah, that was already resolved last time.) The sales is more or less stable. We just have to worry about repairs.

As for BP Plaridel, I just like the mall. I like the Booksale in this branch. I like that it’s a one horse mall, so easy to walk around in. The store itself is kinda okay. Beat up but okay. We do have some problems with it. Repairs, mostly.

My parents made me go home alone again. Out gambling, I think. I was able to pass by a few places and got my siblings omiyage (corn muffins) and my dinner (cereal). Lovely cereal and milk! <3