I was looking for bandaids around because my new golden shoes are killing me. I opened Chi’s cabinet and apparently, she left her drugstore there with bandaids.
Thank you, Francine (Chi)~
I tried getting my mother to cooperate but that failed.
I still have back pain too.
Day 347.2: Feel the Christmas Spirit!
Here, have a huge reindeer (photo). :D 
Day 347.1: Meanwhile, in Savemore Apalit (Pampanga)
One of the random things I saw during my trip today: this Sailormoon ride (Idk what to call this exactly..?) in Funhouse I remember this particular ride when I was really young. My parents would bring me to World of Fun and I’d pick this ride because I liked Sailormoon a lot. (I have a picture doing the Sailormoon pose on my first day in school. I was around four or five. Haha.) This ride gave Sailormoon cards/stickers afterwards. Just to see if it still gives cards and to kill time while waiting for the Leasing Manager, I watched a kid ride this for a minute or two and saw that it doesn’t give those cards anymore. They’re probably no longer produced. :(Seeing this, I feel very old… Then again, I am old. Hahahaha. OTL
Day 344: My Bed as of Today
Bags, stuff, Meg mag… receipts. Ah life, you are messy.
Day 342.6: Vapor from an E-Cig
This is actually pretty neat, considering it’s Bazooka-scented vapor from Jayzee’s electronic cigarette. You can trap smoke vapor like that, he said. =w=b
Day 342.5: DUCKIE! 
On my way to check up on the Alimall branch, I saw this little girl carrying a large yellow duck plush. The girl is probably six or seven so the duck looked big in her arms and I thought, “That’s so cute… I want one.” I was going to continue walking and forget about it but there was this force that made me walk up to the girl and her mom and ask where they got the duck. The mom said she got it in SM Dept Store, far back. I thanked them and decided to check after I check the branch.
Anyway, I went to check on the duck plush. They only have the medium sized ones left. The large one was bought earlier that day — probably the girl and her mom. I took one good look and yeah, I knew I do like that duck plush. It reminds me of Leeteuk-oppa. (Leeteuk’s animal in SS2 is a duck. He also has this cute duck lips pout~)
In the end, I didn’t get this duck plush because I wanted to see the bigger one and know the differences. It helps that you have options to choose from. The bigger duck might have been more worth it. (Plus, I have other more important things lined up this month like my brother’s DS Lite and/or Pokemon White II. =u=b)
TL; DR: It’s a cute duck plush. <3
Day 342.3: Starry Wallpaper
The branch’s phone has a cute wallpaper. Stars. :3